Clinic Conversations
Episode 1: Welcome to Clinic Conversations
Episode 2: Microneedling with Dr. Tamara Poling
Episode 3: Vaginal Dryness and Treatment with Dr. Marcia Beshara
Episode 4: Exciting New Additons to our CoolSculpting Treatments
Episode 5: Dr. Bochna, Hemorrhoids and the CRH O'Regan Banding System 
Epidose 6:  Bariatric Series Part 1, Sue Davies, Dietician and Her Role in the Bariatric Procedures 
Episode 7: Bariatric Series Part 2, Dr. David Fromm Takes Us into the Bariatric Procedures
Episode 8: Bariatric Seres Part 2, Kendra Talks Life After Surgery
Episode 9: 38 Questions with Dr. Jennifer May
Episode 10: Pregnancy Myths with Dr. Anderson 
Episode 11: Breast Health with Dr. Julie Raymond
Episode 12: Mommy Makeover with Dr. Snyder
Episode 13: Dr. Julie Raymond's BeYOUtiful Bratique 
Episode 14: Telemedicine with Dr. Eide
Episode 15: 38 Questions with Dr. Halie Anderson
Episode 16: Blue Light Exposure with Dr. Hartford
Episode 17: Plantar Fasciitis with Dr. Skea
Episode 18: Fillers & Botox with Dr. Scott-Thornburg
Episode 19: Birth Plans with Dr. Angela Anderson
Episode 20: Aging Faces, Dr. Robert Schutz