Platelet Rich Plasma Intimacy Injection

Platelet Rich Plasma Intimacy Injection

In April of 2018, Rapid City Medical Center has expanded its women’s health services with the addition of platelet rich plasma treatments. The treatment is aimed at rejuvenating vaginal tissues and enhancing sexual pleasure. The in-office procedure consists of an injection of a patient’s own plasma into the areas of the vagina that are involved in arousal and orgasm. Expected results are increases in sexual and natural lubrication along with stronger and more frequent orgasms. 

Who is a candidate?

Women experiencing vaginal pain or discomfort. 

Any woman who wants an enhanced sexual experience.

Women who want to increase their level of desire and arousal.

Women who find it difficult to achieve orgasm.

How is the treatment performed?

A small amount of the patient’s blood is drawn, and the platelet rich plasma is extracted using a centrifuge. The PRP is then injected around the clitoris, the nerves that supply it and sensitive areas in the vagina. When used on vaginal tissue the activated serum kick-starts natural collagen production and encourages cell growth, rejuvenation, and healing. Platelets are the body’s tool for healing and regenerating cells. The injection activates the body’s local stem cells and enhances vaginal and clitoral function.