Allergy Clinic

Allergy Clinic

The allergy clinic at Rapid City Medical Center specializes in the testing and treatment of environmental allergies such as animal dander and pollen. Our physicians are committed to specialized evaluations and the development of personalized treatment plans for adults and children. Through modified quantitative testing (MQT), our providers are able to determine your sensitivities and formulate a treatment based on your response and tolerance. 

What to expect during the testing process

A concentrated amount of possible allergens is placed on your forearm using an applicator that does not break the skin. After twenty minutes the skin surrounding the application site may be red, itchy and raised. Depending on the response, small intradermal stick may be done on the upper arm to determine the correct dilution for immunotherapy. 

During testing you may experience an increase in allergy symptoms, such as watery eyes, sinus or nasal congestion or itching. The day after testing you may feel tired but symptoms won't last long. The test sites clear within a few hours and an antihistamine can be taken after testing to decrease symptoms. 

A doctor’s referral is needed to undergo testing. The process takes approximately one hour depending on the extent of testing. Realizing the process is painless, most children handle testing well. Some medications may mask skin reactions. 

Our Allergy Specialists

Robert Burgess, MD
Jay White, DO
Troy Howard, MD

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